Social Media as a Communication Tool

Social media is an incredibly useful tool for brands, but not just for marketing purposes.  Twitter can be used for customer support, which is commonly seen when people send complaints to brands and the brand responds with help.

Specifically, this is seen time and time again with airlines.  American Airlines solved this customer’s problem solely through Twitter.  This is quite convenient and increases customer loyalty.

Good for the brand, good for the business and good for the customer.

Aside from being generally helpful for customers, brands communicating through social media can be fun for both the customer and the business.  Colourpop (a makeup brand) uses their Twitter to interact with customers, consistently asking them for their opinion on product names, colors, and what they should come out with next!

Having a brand outreach on social media is what sets companies apart and keeps the customer involved as an active participant.  It makes the customer feel appreciated and helps them decide if they want to do business with them again. It’s also a fun way to communicate all-around and should be utilized more.


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