Freelance Journalists in War Conflict Zones

The true passion in journalism lies in the effort to do whatever it takes and go wherever needed to tell a story.  Journalism can be an incredibly dangerous career, especially when in war conflict zones.  More often than not, freelance journalists are the ones who are traveling to places like Syria in order to get the story in hopes of turning a profit and telling a story that so desperately needs to be told.

There are many problems with reporting in conflict zones, and these are increased when freelancers decide to risk their lives and travel by themselves to war sites.  For instance,  even before arriving, many represented journalists receive training.   More often than not, freelancers forgo training because it is too expensive.  This puts the journalists highly at risk. Nearly half of the 72 journalists covering Syria who were murdered were freelancers.

Other problems associated with freelancing in conflict zones are that they receive little pay due to outsourcing and finding insurance is incredibly tricky.   These journalists have no cultural understanding of the climate of which they are in and this is highly dangerous.

Ultimately, there needs to be a push for better protections and training for freelancers in conflict zones.  This should not be taken lightly.

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