Super Bowl Commercials: Ranked

As a lover of all things advertising related, the Super Bowl is something I look forward to each year.  I strongly believe all commercials should aim to be Super Bowl level quality but until then, here are my top favorites:


A seemingly simple idea, the Skittles commercials is incredibly hilarious.  This was minimalistic, hilarious and creative, which are all things I admire. I love the unexpected burglar and I love how with each passing person their MMMM’s get more deeper.  Skittles never fails to disappoint.



Although not appropriate for all audiences (the clean version is above), this commercial will not go unappreciated.  The line “Also, John Malkovich” makes me laugh.  This is honestly a bold commercial, but I think Squarespace pulls it off effortlessly.



An homage to the movie “Easy Rider”, this commercial is nostalgic and the casting reminds me of people from my hometown.  I also really love this song, so it’s a win-win for me.


First of all, I love NSYNC.  Second, I love the quotation of lyrics.  All-around amazing commercial.  10/10.



Yes, another Bai commercial made the list.  I had never heard of Bai until this Super Bowl, but you can bet I will be trying their products in the future solely based off of their commercials.  I especially love this commercial because the person starring in this reminds me of Tom Haverford from NBC’s “Parks and Recreation”.  This was a hilarious commercial and it also inspires me as a media student to make creative content.


This one really resonates with me.  I love how the girls are both beautiful and dangerous, and I love how this is incredibly different from Wix’s usual content.  Their commercials are typically boring, but informative, and this one tells a story which I feel is the best way to advertise a product. Entertainment goes a long way in this industry, and Wix takes the cake with this commercial.


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